Fall Smoothie

I’ve been drinking smoothies every morning for years and without a stove, this is the perfect way for me to get my day started as both my breakfast and energizer to face the daunting world.

This healthy, powerful, and delicious smoothie, that tastes like pumpkin pie will keep colds, viruses, and aches and pain away during the fall and winter season. Here are just a few benefits:
The pumpkin contains vitamin A, ton of fiber, which is great for your gut, skin, and digestion. Turmeric is a natural anti-inflammation fighter. The coconut milk is heart healthy, helps with digestion, builds the immune system, and is antibacterial. Cinnamon contains fiber, iron, and calcium, just to mention a few. So, enjoy this fall smoothie that is both medicinal and yummy.


Organic Pumpkin puree
Organic coconut milk
Ground cinnamon (preferably organic)
Ground turmeric (preferably organic)


Put as much or little of each ingredient in a blender. Adjust the liquid and texture to your liking and enjoy!

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