Saying Goodbye to Sadie

Goodbye Sadie

This past July has been a difficult and sad month for me as my dearest dog passed away in my arms. As many of you know, the heartache and the loss of a beloved pet can be absolutely devastating, and the grieving takes lots of time, as it cannot be rushed.

In order to honor her memory and life, and show my undying gratitude and love, I created a small garden in her favorite spot. I visit her daily to soothe my aching heart, as this world seems that much lonelier, emptier, and colder with one less loving creature by my side.

My little black dog was only 9 pounds, but everybody adored her big and feisty, but sweet personality, and unrelenting courage and loyalty. She never knew she was a small dog and she was the definite alpha in our pack. But above all else, and for mysterious reasons I will never understand, she made me her life, following and protecting me from all creatures, and believing that I was worthy of her unconditional love. She dedicated her one and only short life to me, as she followed me everywhere. I still expect to see her every time I turn around or open the door.

A few days after she left, as I was weeping in the garden, I saw a black butterfly come my way and it landed near me. I’ve never seen a black butterfly in my life. It waved its velvety wings softly, looking in my direction, and stayed by my side for awhile, and then slowly flew away majestically and peacefully, and vanished into the blue sky.

It turns out that black butterflies are a rare sighting and it symbolizes death as well as rebirth. In some cultures, they are considered souls that come to say a final farewell before they journey into the next world.

I’d like to think that was Sadie who came to say goodbye. It would be so like her to do that. I will miss her as long as I am alive, but I am truly elated that she is now free from earthly pain and is no longer anybody’s pet or otherwise.
Life Always Goes On…

Death is part life. So, hang onto those you love, and those who love you without question, as they do not belong to us, and they are here only for a short and precious visit.
Say “I love you and thank you,” to them as often as you can. You can’t say it enough in this mysterious lifetime.
Thank you.

 Dr. Clara

I wrote this in July 2019 when I lost my little Sadie. Since then, I lost two of my other dogs. My quirky Jack, a few months after Sadie and my beautiful, sweet Emma in 2020. I am still in shock and in utter disbelief, as anger, heartache, and depression circle my whole existence, but I hope to write a tribute to all the angels who embraced and kept me warm in a very cold world for a little while. 

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