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Roasted Sweet Potatoes

With a portable stove, I can’t cook dishes that require long cooking time. Not only that, my ceiling is made of cardboard material, so the steam from cooking can damage it, so roasting veggies in my little toaster oven has become my best friend and my favorite way to cook veggies. And it’s actually easier, […]


Fall Smoothie

I’ve been drinking smoothies every morning for years and without a stove, this is the perfect way for me to get my day started as both my breakfast and energizer to face the daunting world. This healthy, powerful, and delicious smoothie, that tastes like pumpkin pie will keep colds, viruses, and aches and pain away […]


Fall Photos

I love photos of nature and animals. They give me such serenity, awe, and breathtaking adventure. And fall is my favorite season and it breaks my heart that I cannot enjoy all its majestic beauty of leaves turning color, clean, cool, crisp air, and long walks during gentle rainfall. For now, I escape and enjoy […]


Sweet Potato Sticks

This is the world’s healthiest, easiest, and yummy snack! Without a kitchen, I resort to eating many raw foods, and sweet potato is on top of my list, as I’ve been munching on them as a snack since I was a kid. It’s crunchy, sweet, and yummy, and it’s loaded with fiber and other nutrients, […]


Hello Autumn!

More than ever, during these dark and often depressing times for me, I feel I need to be more kind to family, friends, neighbors, strangers, animals, trees, and to myself. Lately, kindness from strangers, even in passing, seems to warm my aching heart and helps me to believe and hope for another day. It blankets […]


Vegan Almond Cheese

This is a dairy free, nutritious, and delicious cheese, that is easy, fast, and guilt free, not to mention it doesn’t harm any animals or our planet. It can be a spread on morning toast or sandwiches or a dip for veggies, fruits, and chips. It can even be used as cream cheese.Make sure you […]


Avocado Pasta

4 servings This is the world’s healthiest, easiest and creamiest pasta that takes only 20 minutes. You can use any kind of pasta, long or short, but I recommend organic whole wheat or buckwheat pasta, or spiralized zucchini noodles for even more nutritional power. Ingredients 12 ounces organic pasta or zucchini noodles.2 ripe avocados, halved.1/2 […]


Seafood Watch

Sustainable seafood for both people, marine life, and our precious ocean Here’s the latest on best and alternative sustainable seafood choices for consumption.One of our biggest threat to seafood still remains plastic pollution. So please be mindful about plastic use and check out the “how to avoid plastic daily” post below and pass on the […]


Great Advise for Good & Bad Times!

With my own losses and changes during a pandemic, I turn to simple words of wisdom from Snoopy that keep me going throughout life’s small and big challenges. I hope this helps you, especially the nap in the afternoon. It’s so important more than ever. Doesn’t have to be long. Even 15 minutes of rest […]